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1health FAQ
Q: Is your application secure? Will it steal my wallet?
A: Our application is secure. We won't get any information about your privacy. What it does is to obtain the wallet address of NFT through the database and connect and bind it with the address you fill in the application.
Q: What is your project plan?
A: Our plan is to conduct pre-sale first, open application testing while warming up, and expand the scope of publicity while absorbing users. When a certain number of users are accumulated, opening pre-sale enables investors to have confidence to participate in our pre-sale activities. After the opening, we will lock the reserved tokens we hold, and all the rewards issued to users will be purchased by the government in the market, and we will have a large number of destruction mechanisms, This not only increases the liquidity, but also ensures the steady increase of the token price.
Q: Why didn't your NFT verify the collection?
A: Our project is based on the primary market, and most NFT markets require the project to be sold in the secondary market before the collection can be verified. Therefore, we have not verified it, but we have conducted KYC verification, so we are also trustworthy, and we will strive to obtain the verification of the NFT sales website after the project is launched
Q: What do you reserve tokens for?
A: Our reserved tokens are used to reward users and promote projects after the project is opened, and will not be directly used to pay users' output rewards. We will publish the number of reserved tokens and locking time after the project is opened, and explain each transaction after unlocking
Q: What are your differences and advantages over other projects?
A: Compared with other projects, we first start the publicity after the ecosystem is completed and the whole token flow and destruction form a closed loop. Unlike other game or collection projects, we have a huge amount of official coins. The tokens collected by users are sold in the market, resulting in a large number of sales and a continuous decline in the currency price. All the reward tokens we issue are purchased by the government in the market, This can make the project develop healthily and permanently.
Q: What promotional activities will you have?
A:We have reserved funds for AVE avatars and hot search, and will promote our project through major media channels, so as to continuously expand the influence of our project and give investors more confidence to participate in the project.
Q: What is your economic principle? How to ensure long-term operation?
A: Our economic principle is that first, the user redeems NFT by purchasing tokens → the tokens enter the official wallet → the user obtains the tokens by signing in and withdraws the tokens to the user wallet → after the user sells the tokens, the new user purchases the tokens and repeats the cycle
Q: How do users get benefits after purchasing NFT?
A: After purchasing NFT, users can download the application, fill in the corresponding wallet address after registering an account to bind NFT, and then as long as the time is set to sign in on time, they can get revenue.
Q: Set the alarm clock and clock in on time. If you forget to sign in, you will reduce your income?
A: Yes, our original intention is to enable users to develop healthy living habits. If you don't pay attention to the time, don't receive the reminder and don't sign in, you won't be able to get benefits
Q: What is the economic model of the game?
A: We don't have a constant output, except for a welfare period in the early stage. We will use the intelligent AI algorithm to complete the reward allocation later. Obviously it is complicated. But it is more trustworthy.
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