💰Economic system

Token issuance, tax rate and destruction mechanism

  1. Circulation 240000000

  2. The tax rate is 10%

  3. The tax rate is allocated as 3% of the reflux bottom pool, 5% of the marketing wallet and 2% of the technical team

  4. The 10% service charge for each withdrawal of app is the destruction amount, and the project party will destroy it from time to time.

NFT purchase method and price

  1. Before the official launch of NFT market, users can directly remit money to the collection wallet, with REI as the settlement unit. The unit price is 100USDT, 200USDT and 400USDT. After purchasing NFT, users will automatically open application permissions. Considering our immature NFT technology on REI. We will sync and give a free NFT on the BSC

  2. After the user officially goes online, the NFT exchange uses the token as the settlement unit. The organizer will publish the exchange price on the official website, twitter and the official community every day. After the user transfers the same amount of token into the wallet of the project party, he will automatically obtain the NFT and automatically open the app permission

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