Once you have a Healthy Living NFT, you can start opening, participating in games and earning our in-game cryptocurrency – 1healthy. Using these revenues, you can perform the following in-game activities

  • l Upgrade your Healthy Living NFT

  • l Unlock features and rewards

  • l Fix your healthy life NFT

  • l Fuse your NFT

  • l Reset your Healthy Living NFT to sell on the market

  • l Redeem tokens

You also have the option to sell your NFT on our designated marketplace, where other players can get this NFT to get a head start in the game. It is worth noting that if your transaction is not recognized by us, neither you nor the purchaser will be rewarded, and we will take the form of manual review for the sake of fairness in the pre-game period. And this kind of trading is not allowed in the first cycle of the game.

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