✍️Reward acquisition methods and mechanisms

  1. You can get up to 10 gold coins by checking in and punching daily.

  2. By inviting friends, when the friend completes the daily opening, the system will give you a 5% gold reward, when you invite the friend, through his invitation code to continue to invite others, when they complete the daily punch, the system will give you a 3% gold reward.

  3. The first withdrawal time for each user is the 7th day after purchasing the NFT, and then every 14 days, and the withdrawal of gold coins will consume 10%

  4. Withdrawing gold coins enjoys a lucky value system, with a primary lucky value of 50%-150%, a medium level of 50%-200%, and a premium of 50%-300%, and a random number is generated within the range each time the gold coin is withdrawn.

  5. The exchange ratio of gold coins to cryptocurrencies is 1:1000. As the price changes, the exchange ratio will also change according to the AI algorithm.

  6. The yield mechanism is stable for the first seven days after the purchase of NFT, and after the end of the stabilization period, the output of each punch card is comprehensively calculated by AI algorithm.

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