🥊Anti-cheat system

We offer three ways to stop cheating in the game, and cheaters will be severely punished. The following mechanism will be used:

  • Unique code for your phone.

  • Background analytics.

  • Interpret machines to detect cheats through data simulations.

Any violation of the device root code will result in 1healthy blocking where your functionality will be different.

The time cannot be changed again after the first time of the daily modification of the sign-in, and the check-in time can be re-modified after 0:00 in the second Japanese time zone

The first check-in time zone of the day is the base time zone of the day, and you will not be able to check in to other time zones after check-in

We don't stop you from opening multiple accounts at the same time for health management. It can be understood that you and your family use it together, but a mobile phone can have up to five accounts open at the same time. Opening too many accounts will lose our initial R&D significance and may affect your coin revenue.

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