• 1.Download the 1healthy app

  • 2.After registering for 1healthy After accessing the app on the respective device, you will be able to register for 1healthy with your email address. You will receive a verification code, which you will need to enter to enter the app, and you will also need to fill in an invitation code, which is generated by other users who have completed their registration and purchased the NFT。

  • 3.Connect your wallet After logging in to 1healthy, fill in your metamask wallet to your account address. We don't use direct links here, in order to make the user's wallet more secure. Our backend will accurately extract your address and issue the corresponding reward.

  • 4.Buy Healthy Life We will sell it on designated websites to ensure the safety of users and the uniqueness of NFTs! Please make sure you have enough BNB to use for the purchase.

You're ready now!

One small step for 1healthy, a big step for your healthy life!

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