🧳Problem statement

Health is an inextricable topic for everyone, but most of us have unhealthy lifestyle habits, and to solve this problem, there are hundreds of fitness apps in the app store, each of which tries to solve the fitness challenge once and for all. But none of the apps are about habit formation. We've all tried a lot of methods ourselves, but unfortunately most of them are just a reminder to go to the gym rather than get into habits. We want to make people develop good living habits through 1healthy, and let people realize that health is more than exercise and fitness, and a good eating and resting habit will also allow you to have a healthy body.

  • 1.Lack of motivation/motivation

The motivation for good health alone is not strong enough. There is a huge gap between the motivation for habit formation and the effort required for habit formation.

  • 2.This is a lonely and boring activity

Humans are a social species. It can become boring when doing something alone, especially for the formation of good habits.

  • 3 Lack of immediate satisfaction

Modern people lack the immediate satisfaction of satisfying their own habits.

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